Training Update 1/8


Spinning at Performance Bike on my new trainer (Thanks mom- & dad-in-law :)) I’m on the far right… the only one still riding a mountain bike!


Post-training group meeting discussing fundraising (I’m on the floor far right)

Yesterday we had an hour of spinning that included several power sets (hard effort, fast cadence) and a 15-minute endurance set at one gear higher than we expect to during the race. After the spinning we changed quickly into our running clothes and headed outdoors for a 2.5 mile run. Since we didn’t have any bike/run trainings over the holidays I’ve run several long distance runs for the past few weeks ranging between 6-10.5 miles. I didn’t think that the 2.5 mile run was going to be much of a thing but I was definitely feeling it the whole time. I don’t know if it was the biking before hand or the fact that I was trying to keep pace with some of the faster runners in the group, but I was really struggling to keep up.

I also swam another 200-yard marker set earlier this week. My time for the first marker set at the beginning of the season was 3:48 average. This past week I swam 3:29 average… about an 8% improvement! Now, it’s not exactly comparing apples to apples since I’ve started swimming in a pair of jammers instead of my old swim trunks. I’d like to believe at least half of that is due to the training.

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