Speaking of Change

I’m working on a new look to the web site. One of the things that I was getting fed up with was how the sidebar on the right would get too long and end up spilling over to the left under the blog entries. Well, in addition to fixing that spill over, I’ve thrown a little JavaScript and CSS at the problem so that different information is available on the right by clicking the different links at the top of the column. I got the idea from Dunstan Orchard’s site.

Let There Be Music

My concert listing page has been broken ever since migrating this site to the new server. It appears that Linux’s scheduling utility “crontab” is a little pickier about command syntax than OpenBSD’s. In any case, I’ve brought the page back to life and added an extra feature… if you’re a Mac OS X user, you can subscribe to the listing in iCal by clicking on the icon next to the appropriate link in the “My Links” section. I’ve taken the liberty of setting the event time from 8pm – 11:30pm for every concert since there isn’t an easy way to automatically pull this information at the moment.As a side note, I’ve also added an iCal subscription link to the Silicon Valley Dinner Club (SIVADC) schedule.

Hungry for Photos?

Eat up. I’ve been hording, but now it’s time to share.I took these shots about a month ago after setting Kaija on the bed and getting a kick out of all of the faces she was making. I grabbed my camera and the rest is history.Jennifer and I spent the week before Christmas in Carson City, NV visiting with her Aunt Brenda and Uncle Paul, Grandma and Grandpa Pugsley, and rest of her cousins from that side of the family. Aunt Brenda kept us very well fed and Uncle Paul put me to work on several home improvement projects… a welcome activity for an apartment dweller such that we are. Christmas Eve was spent opening presents. These are a few shots from that night (mostly).One of my college housemates Jessica stopped by during a trip out to the Bay Area over the holidays. We went out to breakfast, then came back to our apartment to chat and hang out with Kaija.My parents gave us a “Twas the night before Christmas” outfit at one of Kaija’s baby showers. Unfortunately, since we were planning on being back from Carson City by Christmas Eve, we didn’t bring it with us on our trip. She would be too big for it by next Christmas and we felt we couldn’t let it go to waste! Since we drove back from Carson City on Christmas day, here she is wearing the outfit after we opened our presents on the next day.Preparing for a trip to Michigan, Jennifer wanted to see if Kaija fit in her new outdoorware. Snug as a bug in a rug!

More Photos

None of Kaija this time. Sorry to disappoint. :)No, I’ve been catching up with the photos that I had not gotten around to posting for various reasons. But now that I’m taking a little time off from work, I’m putting the time between Kaija holdings to good use.My friend Robert Seymour and I took a hike in the Sunol Regional Wilderness on November 1st. The trail was representative of much of the Bay Area hiking that I’ve done: up and down golden hillsides, open skies, sometimes through pastures of grazing cattle. The weather was a little cool and windy but perfect for hiking.My cousin Don’s son Forrest celebrated his third birthday on November 16th of this year with much of his nearby family. He was excited to see everyone, though perhaps a little reluctant to share his toys. I think the balloons kept him just as entertained as his presents.

Smooth Move

In an effort to remove the web server hosting windeler.net out of our newborn’s bedroom, I’m moving the web sites to a new server. The web server itself is quite a bit faster than the Pentium 133MHz machine that I’ve been using (it was cheap!) and has a much faster Internet connection than my home ADSL outbound connection. This should make loading pages and pictures much faster. I’ve also taken the opportunity to change the URL to https://brahm.windeler.net/, which is something I meant to do from the beginning but never got around to implementing. Oh, and I’ve updated some of the links on the right side of the main page, too.So far I’ve got most of my personal pages, photos and backend scripts copied over. Let me know if you find any dead links. I plan to move the main the.windeler.net family weblog over shortly.

Photos Abound

What kind of father would I be if I didn’t post more photos of my newborn daughter. Here are a few from her first week as well as a few with her mom’s side of the family who are in town. Oh, and as it happens, there are a few from a walk that Jennifer and I took at Vasona Lake in Los Gatos the same day that Jennifer went into labor.Rounding out the photo additions are some photos from weddings in October that I am just now getting around to posting: the wedding of my friends Hu and Yan and my cousin Sarah’s wedding.Thank you to every one who has e-mailed, called, sent gifts, posted comments on this web site, etc.! It is great to hear from you all. I promise to get back to you eventually, but life has been pretty crazy this past week as you might expect. I had been warned about the insane (non)sleep schedule, but I hadn’t expected it to be this bad. We’re figuring this parenthood thing out little by little.

Addressing A Need

I’ve been spending a bit of time updating the entries in the Address Book application in Mac OS X. There were some new features introduced in the latest release of the operating system called Panther (version 10.3). I’ve written a few scripts to fill in a few holes in the functionality. I’ve got another one on the way and yet another that I recently thought of.During my data mining, I came across a few friends’ and associates’ web sites that I figured I should add to the Links section of the main page. Here are some of the sites I’ve recently added:Matt Guthaus’ home pageBob Hagemann’s home pagePeter Honeyman’s home pageHugh Kennedy’s home pageCharles Merriam’s True Gift siteBill Merrill’s home pageJim Rees’ home pageRob Totte’s picturesLoi Tran’s home pageTino Tran’s Vietnam photosJˆrg Windeler’s home pageIf you feel I’ve left you out, please let me know!