Amoeba Strikes Back

I’ve finally updated my list of “Recent Music Acquisitions” due to my trip to Amoeba Records with Ian and Orla a few weeks ago. There were also two CDs that I had missed from the trip to England.I was quite surprised to find a number of the CDs didn’t have entries in the All Music Guide. I’m kind of disappointed because I’ve always thought of AMG as being all knowing, complete, and up to date when it comes to music. I was most surprised to see that the Dave Matthews Band CDs weren’t in there (yet). I had trouble tracking down a link to the KLF What Time Is Love CD4, but that’s to be somewhat expected. They made a lot of releases with slightly different track listings and it’s hard to keep track of them all. The Lorin CD was understandable, too, considering she’s a local DJ in San Francisco. AMG had the whole Another Late Night series except the Groove Armada CD. And they didn’t have the DJ Shadow Live in Austin CD. Granted, Live in Austin is a boot, but AMG does have a boot section and there really aren’t many DJ Shadow boots that I’m aware of.I don’t go CD shopping often, but when I do, boy, watch out. Amoeba is a dangerous place to go because they’ve got quite a good selection of offerings from artists off the beaten path. That, and you’ll often find out of print items that you won’t find at places like Best Buy, Media Play, or CD Warehouse.

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