3 thoughts on “3D rendering in chalk

  1. That is an amazing chalk image! An interesting side effect of the second link’s popularity (or was it some H4X1N6 by Google Engineers?): Last night some folks showed me that the second link can be reached by going to Google and typing in the string "weapons of mass destruction", then ‘searching for them’, if you will, by clicking on the "I’m Feeling Lucky" button. Guess that proves it – there aren’t any!

  2. This is not a doctored image. I believe it was some kind of swan or goose, though the trip was nearly 2 years ago so my memory must be fading. It was definitely a bird of some sort and there were several more hanging out in the park from which I took the picture. After I took a look at the picture it made me think about what the Lochness Monster might look like.

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