Lost Summer

This summer just seems like it is flying by. It feels like there are so many summer activiities that I should be doing or should have done by now but haven’t. I haven’t had a picnic in a park. I haven’t gone climbing outdoors. No biking. No rollerblading. No camping. No hiking.Work has been kicking my butt during the week and doesn’t leave much time in the evening to do much. I’ve been consumed by it so much lately that I lost track of dates this week. Before I knew it it was 2 days after my brother‘s birthday and I owed him a belated birthday call. Somehow the weekends get filled up with “normal” things and the “summer” events fall by the wayside… shopping, laundry, cleaning up the apartment.Is it just an odd year, expecting the baby and all? Is it just that my job has been so demanding that I haven’t had the chance to take much time off? I dunno. I guess at this point I’ll just have to make the best of what’s left. Fortunately, living in California, that gives me until the end of October.

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