I had a good chat with my brother this evening. My immediate family tries to do a video conference on a weekly basis since my brother and I now live on opposite coasts and my parents are still in the Midwest. My parents couldn’t do it this week so my brother and I decided to test out Apple’s iChat AV. We usually use iVisit and need to boot into OS 9 since that’s what our parents are still using and the OS X version still has major audio problems.Anyway, my brother and I had a great conversation. We talked about our careers, what we’re interested in pursuing, and various decisions we’ve made in the past and are making in the present to reach those goals. My little brother is all growed up! Semi-mature even!We also talked about how our relationships with our cousins who live in the area have changed since we were growing up… we’ve gone past “hanging out because they’re family” to “hanging out because they’re friends” (not that the rest of our family members aren’t friends!). Kurt has spent quite a bit of time with our cousin Brian in Chicago and now Alexis in Washington D.C. Jennifer and I tend to spend a bit of time with Don and Alinna here in the Bay Area. Hopefully we’ll have the opportunity do the same with the rest of our cousins and other family members at some point in the future.

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