Best Salmon Ever

Jennifer and I had a great dinner tonight. I was planning on grilling some salmon from the Sunnyvale Farmer’s market but quickly realized that that wasn’t going to happen when barely a flame could muster itself. We were out of propane. Plan B: we decided to broil it. I smothered it with olive oil and put it flesh side down on foil wrapped over the broiler pan. Three minutes later I flipped it so the scales were on the bottom. Another three minutes later I cut it open down the middle only to find that it was still a raw in the middle. Yet another three minutes later and I pulled it out. Perfect. I think it was the best salmon I’ve had ever. The outside was just slightly crunchy and the inside was nice and tender, not undercooked, overcooked or dry at all. This piece of salmon happened to be from the end near the tail. This end tends to be thinner than the rest of the body. We purposely chose this cut because we often have problems with the middle not cooking all the way through on the grill yet the outside becomes charred. Not this time. Delicious. To add to it, we also had corn on the cob and green beans boiled and steamed to perfection. I love home cooked meals.

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