Milestone 7.0

Eric and I ran 7 miles tonight!… a personal record for both of us. We’ve been running together since approximately the end of March, doing anywhere between 3 to 5 miles per night, twice a week, schedules permitting. We ran 5.6 miles a few months back, but had not done more than 5 miles in a given night since then. Tonight we were at 4.6 miles and I was feeling pretty good so I suggested that we do about a mile more. Near the end of that mile, I was still feeling pretty good, so I suggested we try for an even 6. Then Eric suggested that we may as well try a route that would probably put us at 7 miles… if we couldn’t make it the whole way we could just walk. Well, sure enough we kept chugging and made it all the way to the 7 mile mark (according to his GPS receiver).Eric has participated in a few triathlons this summer, but the running segment for those is about 6.2 miles. He also did the Bay to Breakers, which is approximately 7.4 miles, but walked a portion of that race.It definitely helps to have a running partner to keep my mind distracted from the physical exhaustion and to push me to my limits. I’m sure I couldn’t have gotten this far without his help!

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