Cookin’ With Gas

What better way to spend a day off from work than cleaning up our back porch! I spent a few hours sweeping up dirt and tree debris, removing cob webs, and wiping down various pieces of furniture. My greatest joy came in “fixing” our gas grill. The left burner stopped working well about a year ago. When I noticed the problem, I found that one of the clips that holds the gas distributer to the gas line had gone missing. Looking around, it was no where to be found. I improvised with a short segment of piano wire, but still could not get it to work well. The flames were paltry and inconsistent at best. I tried on a number of occasions to use the grill for various meaty consumables with lousy results. Disheartened and figuring I’d need to mail order the missing clip part, the grill has gone virtually unused for many months due to procrastination.Well, during the cleaning spree, I wiped the thick layer of dirt and dust that had accumulated on it. While doing so, I decided to start disassembling the grill. I removed the gas distributor only to find a small but fairly dense spider web in the left gas duct. A quick sweep with the piano wire removed the sticky mess. I reassebled the grill and voila! Beautiful, constant flame on both sides!Let the summer BBQ’s commence!

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