Michigan Vacation and Wedding

In the week leading up to Jennifer’s sister Robin’s wedding, we spent some time with family and friends in Michigan. It was great to see everyone, most of whom we hadn’t seen since the holidays nearly 6 months previous. We also met up with my old college roommate Brian and his family. We had tried to get together when we were in town in January but didn’t manage to find a time that worked for both of us. He and his wife gave birth to a baby girl named Elizabeth soon after, so it was great to bring Kaija and Elizabeth together.On the final weekend that we were in Michigan, Jennifer’s sister Robin married Andy Lawrence on the beach in St. Joseph. The weather was beautiful for both the rehearsal and the ceremony. I had the honor of being an usher at the event and Jennifer was a bridesmaid. Kaija was passed to various eager family members over the course of the weekend. It was great to see everyone for a few short days. Best of luck to the newlyweds!

One thought on “Michigan Vacation and Wedding

  1. Dear Brahm,What beautiful pictures of the wedding and all your family and friends. If you ever need extra income you could make it as a photograhper. You have great composition and an eye for what is interesting. I’m so proud of you and Jennifer on your parenting skills and think Kaija is just the most adorable baby ever!!!Love,Mom

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