Empty Spaces

Last night a bunch of Justin‘s friends from the Bay Area met up with his parents at his condo in Sunnyvale to console, reflect, and to remember. I was a little nervous about going because I thought it might be a big cry-fest, but surprisingly enough most people were in good spirits. Make no mistake, I’m certain we are all deeply saddened by his sudden departure. I know that I personally have gone through cycles of acceptance, extreme sadness, and denial. But I think last night was indicative of Justin’s personality based on the types of people he chose to surround himself with.His parents seem to be coping remarkably well, considering. They are terrific people and it’s very easy to see where Justin developed a number of his mannerisms. His father reminds me very much of my own father in many ways.As we were coordinating the event, calling each other to make sure everybody knew what time to head over, I couldn’t help but think that there was someone in the group that I had neglected to call… then I realized it was Justin.Today I came across an article about a mechanised drum machine with an acronym-based name of PEART in honor of the extremely talented drummer from the rock band Rush. My first thought was: Oh, Justin needs to check this out! Oh, wait…I’m going to miss that guy terribly.

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