New House

Back in September, I elluded to some big news that I would eventually share. Well, now is as good a time as any.Jennifer, Kaija and I are now proud home owners in Michigan! After 5 years of living in California, we decided the time was right for moving back to our home state. With the assistence of many of our California friends (THANK YOU!), we loaded up a truck with all of our worldly belongings on Tuesday of last week. Jennifer’s mom and my mom flew out to help and then drove across the country with us in our two cars. We were able to stop in Carson City, Denver and Chicago along the way to visit with relatives. Fortunately the cars made it back with only minor incidents (needed to buy chains for driving over Echo Pass into Tahoe, the oil dipstick sheath broke in Carson City, one headlight burnt out on the way to Chicago, and the oxygen sensor just blew today on the Cabrio!).It’s good to be back in Michigan, though I’m sure I’ll miss the California weather. Michigan gave us a fine how-do-you-do yesterday morning that left us scraping frost off of the car windows.And despite some stress caused by our less than competent mortgage company representative (you’re just getting back to me about the mortgage closing costs and want to go over them? um, we’re sitting in the closing meeting with the title company now, we’ve already gone over them and signed the paperwork. *silence*), we’ve got the papers in our hands! We’ll be moving in this weekend. Crazy.

6 thoughts on “New House

  1. Hey Brahm!! Congratulations! I’ll have to hear all about it, and of course see the place when you’re ready. I had no idea you were moving this fast! I just stumbled upon your site here again tonight (doing a search for Elizabeth Gira, of all things..are you part owner of google? 😉 ) and followed a few links to find out about your recent happenings, and was shocked to see you’ve already made it back "home". I guess we haven’t kept up since early summer. We’ll have to get together soon to let our daughters play again and the adults can shoot the breeze and catch up a bit. Let me know how the pace of things is going and I’m sure we can get something together over Christmas, if not sooner. Talk to you soon!

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