Kaija’s First Birthday

Today we celebrated Kaija’s first birthday! We just had our immediate families over for a small, intimate celebration in our new house, though unfortunately Robin and Andy couldn’t make it due to the weather conditions. We experienced our first snow of the season (well, except for in the Sierras on the drive from California). The west side of the state received almost two inches, which made it difficult for Robin and Andy to arrive in time for dinner and gift openning. Rachel was there with her 2-week old daughter. Brian had a previous engagement with a bowling league so he couldn’t make it.Jennifer made a terrific cranberry & pork stew for dinner. Kaija was allowed to eat her first cupcake (with frosting and everything!) and therefore we let her stay up an hour past her bedtime until the sugar buzz wore off. :)Kaija received lots of fun toys and warm clothes (just in time!) from family as well as a number of her friends from back in California. And she loved all of them, though we couldn’t make her keep any of the hats on indoors.

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