Too Much of a Good Thing

This guy has written up a blog entry on being overwhelmed by the amount of digital media that is available and interesting to us these days versus consumable due to time constraints. This is definitely something that I’ve come up against myself. Rather than enjoying the music and photos, I feel like I have to keep consuming more and skimming through what’s in front of me or else I’ll get behind.I’ve got a hard drive full of music that I have never listened to. I’ve now set up a playlist on my iPod to pick 50 random songs that have a playcount of 0 in an attempt to hear at least most of them (of course, I need to make sure the unheard songs make it onto the iPod in the first place).I subscribe to the RSS feeds for a number of photoblogs. I originally thought it might be a good way to increase my understanding of what makes a good photograph and therefore make me a better photographer. But what usually ends up happening is I skim through the photographs in the feeds just to get through them all rather than stopping to analyze and appreciate them.I’m not sure what a good solution is yet. I still want to see and hear new stuff but it’s hard to cut back because I don’t want to miss out on anything.

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