Conscious Marketing

Doing a little research on eco-friendly house remodeling, I came across a book called Conscious Style Home: Eco-Friendly Living for the 21st Century written by Danny Seo. I’d never heard of Danny before, but judging by the article about him in Outside magazine, I think he stands a chance at boosting the market for sustainable and eco-friendly consumerism.Being “green” has traditionally been seen by many as too “out there”. Often the terms “hippie”, “tree hugger” or “granola” are used condescendingly to refer to environmentally friendly people or actions because being eco-unfriendly is, for the most part, the norm and has been stereotyped to be lacking in style. Danny is using the visibility of the rich and famous in an attempt to change this attitude. He’s trying to make being green desirable by showing that being green doesn’t have to mean sacrificing style. If lots of celebreties are doing it, how can that be unfashionable?It’s applaudable how far he’s gotten in his efforts. He’s even working on a television series based on the premise of his book that Ford Motor Company is considering sponsoring. Though probably not working totally alone, his efforts will probably have more impact than many other large grass roots “Save the Whales” type organizations have had in changing the actions of the general public or corporations. For perception defines reality, and the perception of the general public even more so.I haven’t read the book yet, so what I know of him is only from the article. Based on this, I just hope that his “Fur Free” campaign isn’t single minded. Plastic beads and other marketing material might be spreading a message, but hopefully it’s doing so in a eco-friendly way at that.

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