Winter Wonderland

The interesting times never stop here at Casa Windeler.Our house is at the end of a T intersection within our neighborhood. When we first looked at this house, I remember wondering if the owners had had any problems with cars failing to stop at the intersection and driving onto the lawn. I never asked them if they had, but I don’t have to wonder any longer. Two nights ago we received a few inches of snow. At about 11 am yesterday I opened up our front door to retreive a package that the UPS delivery person left on the front porch and noticed a dark patch in the ditch at the front of the property. Looking a little closer, I noticed a set of tire tracks in the snow that ran along the front of the yard to our driveway. Apparently as a reflection of the old fogie that I seem to be becoming, my first thought was “Great, we’ve got some $*#% teenagers going for joy rides across our front lawn.” Then I realized that the roads were probably pretty slick and that somebody had slid off the road into the ditch. They weren’t able to back out, so they drove forward and then to our driveway. I wonder how many more times that will happen this year.Last night we received a few inches more of snow. I was up late doing some work, so I woke up a little later than usual. I had just finished eating breakfast and started doing the dishes at the kitchen sink when I heard a rumbling sound from our driveway. I looked up from the sink and out the window only to see a visible stretch of black pavement. I hadn’t gotten around to shoveling yet, so the driveway should still have been covered with a decent blanket of snow. I commented to Jennifer about this, and we walked over to the window that faced the rest of our driveway. There, in a beat up old red Ford truck with an equally beat up yellow plow attached to the front of it, were two guys plowing away like there was no tomorrow. In less than 10 minutes the driveway was cleared and they were off. When they pulled out of the driveway they didn’t even stop at any of the neighbors. We don’t pay for a plowing service. We didn’t recognize them. They didn’t leave a service brochure or anything. We don’t know if they were friends of the previous owners who don’t know that they’ve moved or what. We’re guessing that maybe they were friends of the people who slid into our yard the previous morning and they’re doing it as a “Let us make it up to you” gesture. Regardless, Thank You Mysterious Plow People! You saved us a lot of work. Perhaps you could stop by the next time we get a few inches of snow?

One thought on “Winter Wonderland

  1. Funny thing…had I gotten that one house that I put an offer in on, I would have had the same problem. It was on the corner of a "T" intersection…even worse though, the driveway was not very long and it pretty severly sloped down to the garage 🙂

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