Mango No. 5

Whoo hoo! My 5 lbs. of dried organic mango slices just arrived. I became hooked on them two years ago when my Aunt Brenda received said quantity from a friend who runs a mail-order business. She shared them with Jennifer and I while we were staying at her place over the holidays. Though they are a little expensive, they are a much healthier snack than potato chips/cookies/chocolate/etc.When I discovered that the Whole Foods in San Francisco carried them in their bulk section, I new I was in trouble. Every time I walked past the store during my morning and evening commutes I had to restrain myself from going in because there was no way I was going to leave without at least a pound of them.I was severely disappointed when I found that the Whole Foods near our house in Michigan does not carry the dried mango slices. Occasionally they will carry dried mango chunks which aren’t nearly as good. They don’t have nearly the flavor of the mango slices, so they are often coated with sugar to compensate.Thank goodness for the Internet. After a particularly strong hankering for the orange goodness, I came across an online shop that sells them called SunRidge Farms in Santa Cruz, CA. The mangos they sell are a little more expensive than the mangos that I had been buying from Whole Foods, considering I also needed to pay for shipping. But I just ripped open the bag and they actually taste quite a bit better. They have a bit more flavor and aren’t as dry or as tough, probably because they have not been sitting in a bulk bin in a forced-air building for several days.Now, I’m not usually one to fall for bribes, but if anytime in the future you want to sway me one way or another, dried mango slices would be a good place to start. 😉

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