Big smile!

I’m making progress. Month by month I’m making it through the photo backlog. Here are the photos from September 2004 that I thought worth sharing. September was a pretty big month for us. We threw a Labor Day BBQ at a park near our apartment and I took a trip to Florida in the first half of the month, then we spent the last half of the month in Michigan house hunting. While in Michigan, we were the guest of honor at several family dinners. Additionally, Jennifer and Kaija attended a baby shower for Jennifer’s sister Rachel.

kaija eating high chair 2004sep29
kaija in waterford 2004sep28
west michigan 2004sep24-26
ahlstrom dinner 2004sep21
martin dinner 2004sep19
berkshire dinner 2004sep18
florida 2004sep10-11
serra bbq 2004sep06
kaija in september 2004sep01-30

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