ASCII art spam

I received the following spam in one of my mail inboxes today. I usually don’t see much spam but this one happened to make it past‘s spam filter. How do you create a mail filter for this? I suppose it could measure letter and letter combination frequency in the message body and filter out anything that doesn’t match the frequency of the native language. I’m surprised’s filter doesn’t already do that.

2 thoughts on “ASCII art spam

  1. If you mark enough of them as Junk,’s spam filter will learn that they’re junk. It’s spam engine employs latent symantic analysis to determine what’s spam and what’s not. The stock body of data that it uses to perform this task is rather large – Apple feeds 100’s of thousands of messages through it to create it. This makes it good at detecting most spam right out of the box. However, it can also learn. By you marking those messages as spam, they will be more likely to be rejected in the future. There’s more info about it it here:

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