April update

Well, the whole month of April has gone by and I haven’t made a post to the blog. We can’t very well let that happen.So what have I been up to? I’ve been doing a bit of research on digital SLR options for backpacking. I haven’t found many resources that focus on this… either they are focused purely on photography or purely on backpacking. I’m in the middle of documenting my findings so I can save some time for others who are in the same shoes. Look for it on this site soon.I’ve also been doing a bit of hiking. I try to take Kaija out at least once a week for about an hour in the Kelty backpack carrier. Jennifer actually does the same about twice a week as well, so Kaija is quite the traveller! Today I also went on a hike on the Paint Creek Trail from downtown Rochester to Adams Road and back (north of Goodison)… 11.8 miles in 3.5 hours. I stopped for 10 minutes for dinner shortly after I turned around. There were quite a few birds along the trail (robins, cardinals, red wing blackbirds among others) and I saw 3 packs of dear (8 deer total) around dusk. Rain was predicted all day long but fortunately it held out until the last half mile of the hike.

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