A Case for Clip-ons

Ever since I got a new pair of eyeglasses last summer, I’ve been looking for a small, thin hard case for the magnetic clip-on sunglasses that came with them. A thin sleeve for the clip-ons came with the case for the eyeglasses but it is meant to be used in conjunction with that case. It is much too bulky for everyday use and is overkill considering I’m usually wearing the glasses and have no need for the case.Ideally the case for the clip-ons would be small and slim enough that it wouldn’t cause a noticable bulge in a pocket. It would need to be rigid rather than just a sleeve to protect the frame from bending (I’ve already had to straighten it out once). And of course the interior shouldn’t scratch the lenses.Surprisingly enough I’ve had a heck of a time trying to find anything close to this. Given the selection of eyeglasses that came with clip-on sunglasses that I was able to choose from, I would think that such cases would be fairly common. Most cases I’ve come across have been much to bulky, too small (i.e. for reading glasses) or not rigid. The cases at the bottom of this page from McCray Optical and for these Shade Control clip-ons are perhaps the closest I’ve come but I haven’t found a place that sells them and I’m reluctant to purchase anything without testing it out with my clip-ons first. I also just came across this case but it seems unnecessarily thick and deep.If you happen to come across a thin, rigid metal case for clip-on sunglasses, please let me know! The interior dimensions should be about 5″ x 1.25″ x 0.3″.

6 thoughts on “A Case for Clip-ons

  1. Hmmm… thanks for the info Jess. I wish they had better photos of the case. At $4 plus shipping, though, it might be worth buying one anyway.

  2. Did you ever find a case for the magnetic clip on sunglasses? I am in the same boat- was given the big ol’ hard case with the little flimsy wrapper for the clip on part. I wear my glasses all the time and just want a tiny hard case to keep the magnetic clip ons from being crushed. My clip ons measure about 5 1/4 by 1 1/4 and are less than an inch high.

  3. Lisa – No, I still haven’t found a case yet and haven’t ordered the one that Jess suggested above, though I can’t say I’ve been actively looking lately. I’ll likely order one soon.

  4. Go to an antique store or flea market or ebay and look for the old cases that specacles came in. I’ve got a great one I’ve had for years and it fits my magnetic clips perfectly. I can shove it in my pocket, sit on it, anything…

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