Roger That

Finally, after two years of missed connections, I was able to see a Wilco concert tonight. In the past whenever they’ve been in town I’ve been out of town or already had plans. Last night I found out they were in town… at an outdoor venue within walking distance no less. After a quick last minute unsuccessful round-up of local music-afficionado friends, I bought a single ticket for myself. They must have opened up a few rows yesterday and today because I was able to score a seat in Row K fairly close to the center aisle. The guy next to me had bought his ticket today as well. I was about as close to the stage as the bases are on a baseball diamond. Nice.The concert was really good. They played quite a bit of both old and new material, including some country-esque tunes that I didn’t recognize but I presume were from Jeff Tweedy’s Uncle Tupelo days. I don’t have the latest album and therefore haven’t heard much of it with the exception of what WDET plays off and on, but it was perhaps the first concert that I really enjoyed the songs that I was unfamiliar with. Some of the songs that I did recognize: War on War, Kamera, Hummingbird, Handshake Drugs, I’m a Wheel, Misunderstood, I’m Trying to Break Your Heart, Spiders (Kidsmoke), Heavy Metal Drummer, Jesus Etc., and I’m the Man Who Loves You. They played for about two hours with two 5-minute intermissions. All in all, it was a great show and I recommend seeing them if they come around to a venue near you.

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