Free Association

Kaija’s latest obsession has been brushing her teeth. It started when Jennifer and I took her to the dentist’s office when Jennifer had a check-up and we wanted to have the dentist take a quick look at her teeth. Kaija wouldn’t have any part of it, but ever since they gave her a tooth brush to take home, she’s been all about good dental hygene. “Brush!” she’ll say. “Brush, brush, brush. Ooth! Brush!” while running to the bathroom about 10 times a day. I don’t know what makes her think about brushing, but it doesn’t take much. Recently we were playing with a little bucket and plastic “tools” for beach. She picked up the little sand rake and after a few seconds of playing with it, dragged it through her hair (she also likes using Mommy’s hair brush to brush her hair). She then said “brush”, followed by an expression that was the epitome of a light bulb turning on above her head and an exclamation of “ooth brush!”. She then raced toward the nearest bathroom with a toothbrush in it… which always happens to be the nearest bathroom regardless of where she is in the house since we’ve found it much more pleasant for each of the bathrooms to have one close at hand.

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