I Like to Potty

Kaija’s other recent development milestone has been the exciting world of potty training. This wasn’t really on Jennifer’s or my radar, though we had started reading up on various training techniques from books that Jennifer’s mom had given us a little while back.Soon after Kaija was born, some friends of ours brought to our attention something called Elimination Communication. We purchased a Baby Bjorn infant potty to try it out. I don’t know if it was us who weren’t perceptive enough or Kaija’s body language not being obvious enough, but we didn’t have much success with it.As most parents can attest to, using the bathroom and having privacy are sometimes just not possible while raising a toddler. They also like imitating what grown ups do. So as Kaija has become increasily conscious of her bodily functions and started letting us know what she’s doing, we asked her if she wanted to use the toilette. Though she was eager to try it, the first week or two were trips to the bathroom after the event. This and her not-so-complete-grasp of the English language led to an exciting parental moment last week… Kaija told me “pee” but in actuality it was the other potty type and I didn’t quite handle the diaper removal as cautiously as I should have.But this past weekend she successfully starting going both Number One and Number Two in the potty when she tells us she needs to go. I can see the light at the end of her diaper changing tunnel! There’s still a lot of work before she’s self sufficient, though. Getting her clothes and diaper off, getting up on the toilette, wiping, flushing, putting a diaper back on, etc. Parenthood continues…

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