For Labor Day weekend I headed with Jennifer and Kaija to Jennifer’s grandparents’ place on the west side of the state. Her grandparents live on a lake and her sister and brother-in-law own a boat capable of pulling a water skiier. Like chocolate and peanut butter, I couldn’t resist the desire to indulge in the winning combination before me. So after about a ten year hiatus, I had the pleasure of getting dragged behind a boat at 25 mph complete with head-over-heel falls, water up the nose, and almost losing my contacts… not to mention many sore muscles that I had forgotten I had.To add to the weekend’s highlights, I puked twice while fishing out on Lake Michigan after waking up at 5:30 AM. I also got lost during my morning run through some nearby woods, ended up running about 7 miles when I usually do 3-4, got stung by a bee or wasp on the ankle about 200 yards from the end of the trail and had some minor nipple chafing due to the extended milage (surprisingly enough, not an uncommon phenomenon for runners).I’m going to miss summer.UPDATE: I’ve posted photos from the weekend online.

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