The Audience Is Listening

A few friends asked me what I’ve been listening to recently, so I thought I’d share my response in case you’re looking for some new tunes.

  • Wilco. Chicago band that makes music that’s kinda like Southern rock meets Radiohead. I haven’t heard their latest album but Yankee Hotel Foxtrot is one of my all time favorites.
  • Calexico. Like their name sounds, the music is a mix of southern Cal/Mexican style folk rock. I like pretty much everything they’ve made.
  • Beck – “Guero”. This came out a few years ago but it’s still high on my list. I haven’t heard much from his most recent album “The Information”, but what I’ve heard has been pretty good. He’s got an amazing ear for hooks.
  • The Weepies – “Say I Am You”. Kind of a melancholy Six Pence None the Richer or Shawn Colvin sound. This was on heavy rotation in my iPod last year (just one of those years).
  • CÈU – a Brazillian female vocalist. Latin American lounge with hints of hip-hop beats (her band includes a turntablist).
  • DJ Shadow – “In Tune and On Time”. A live album from 2004 that’s a pretty good mix of all he’s done in the past (of which I’m a big fan). I haven’t heard his latest album but I heard it’s more of a hard-core hip-hop album so I haven’t had much interest in checking it out.
  • MixMaster Mike. DJ for the Beastie Boys. I recently picked up Eye of the Cyklops and it’s pretty good albeit short (it’s an EP).
  • Easy Star All-Stars – “Radiodread”. A well done reggae cover album of Radiohead’s “OK Computer”.
  • Ashton Allen – “Dewdrops”. Very Elliot Smith-sounding indie artist.
  • Camera Obscura – “Let’s Get Out Of This Country”. Another indie band with a female vocalist. The album has a optimistic, vintage sound if that makes any sense.
  • Bonobo – “Days to Come”. Loungy, (mostly) instrumental downtempo trip hop. Nice relaxing music after a day of work.
  • “Cinematic”. An album of remixes of a bunch of classic film scores.
  • Jack Johnson – “In Between Dreams”. I’m sure you’ve heard his stuff on the radio. This is a good album for making breakfast to on weekends (or any day of the week really).
  • Putumayo Presents “A New Groove” – Latin-American influenced groove compilation. Lots of catchy tunes.
  • Rodrigo Y Gabriela – Virtuoso Spanish guitar street busker duo. You can check out some cool videos on YouTube.
  • Radiohead – “In Rainbows”. Not their best album, in my opinion, but a decent showing. Good to hear some fresh material.

Other artists that I’ve recently come across and like but haven’t bought any music from yet:

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