Sugary Tweet

I realize I haven’t been very good about blogging recently. As a stop gap measure, I’ve been using Twitter to capture fleeting notions over the past week or so. I had been holding off, as I felt the last thing I needed right now was another Internet distraction. But I have to admit, it’s kinda fun. And I find I post to it fairly frequently because 1) the entries have to be short because they are limited to 160 characters and 2) there is little to prevent me from posting since I leave the site open in a browser tab most of the time. And I explicitly chose to not have it notify me when a follower tweets (in Twitter parlance) so that it wouldn’t be a distraction.One of these days when I upgrade the blog software I’ll figure out a way to pull my tweet RSS feed into this blog’s entry stream. Until then, you’ll have to visit the site (or use the RSS feed) to see updates.If you’ve got a Twitter account or feel like getting one, let me know so I can add you to my “following” list.

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